Minding the LG Stackable Washer and Dryer Dimensions to Keep Your Comfort High

lg stackable washer and dryer dimensions

Living in a big city nowadays creates some kind problem due to limited space. Whether you are renting a small flat downtown or have just purchased a small house near the outer limit of the city, chances are, it won’t fit everything you have in mind to be added. In this case, knowing about LG stackable washer and dryer dimensions will help save you a lot of time and space. You may wonder, what does a washer have to do with saving you a space on your little living space, right? Well, your laundry room can be tidied up a little easier now that the washer does not take up so much space when installed. Stacking the dryer atop the washer makes it possible for you to spare more places around them to use for another purpose. You can, for example, install a rack system next your stacked washing devices to keep all the clean clothes fresh from the machine.

Perfect LG stackable washer and dryer dimensions

Of course, one may think that placing them next to each other will do the same trick. One can also place things on top of the washer and the dryer as there will be an open space when they are side by side. But what one should know is that kind of system only works for the things with average size. You cannot install a rack system or shelves on top of washing machine. Well, you can but imagine the hassle. Not to mention possible damage the machine could suffer from you climbing up it. Really, in the name of safety and efficiency, stacking those machines is one reliable solution you should consider taking. Put in the dirty laundry, run the machine, take it out, and push it into the dryer; all in one go. Keeping it simple is the key when you have to deal with limited living or working space.

Earlier there has been mentioned about dimensions. By dimensions, it means the ratio between the height of your house’s walls and the machines’ overall size. Let’s say you choose a set of LG-branded combo of dryer and washer. If the size of one part of that combo is already big, stacking another similarly sized apparatus would make a tall monster that is waiting for its time to fall down. And let’s not talk about how difficult it would be for you to reach the door of one machine. Safety, people, remember, is the key. So, seriously speaking, be wise in choosing your lg stackable washer and dryer dimensions for your comfort highly depends on that kind of characteristic.

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